“Sexy-Strong™ is a celebration of the duality of the athletic, feminine form. Power, passion and drive tempered by grace, poise and elegance. It’s a mindset, an attitude…a way of life. Inspiring others by living with purpose – drive, discipline, conviction. Being Strong is Beautifully Sexy”

Living the Sexy-Strong™ lifestyle means acknowledging that outward beauty, elegance, grace -“sexy-ness” springs forth from the inner strength that defines the individual. Drive, dedication to one’s goals, integrity of purpose, from these characteristics, we inspire each other and lead by example.
Over the course of the past several years, working with literally hundreds of female athletes of all levels, from top-level professional Figure or Bikini competitor, to general fitness enthusiast, business owner, accountant, attorney, or home-maker and “soccer mom”,all seeking to change the look of their bodies, and their health, we have come to realize one important thing:

We ladies take our goals, our training, very seriously and very personally, no matter the level, how small or how lofty our goal. Women who become involved in the Sexy-Strong lifestyle are committed, focused, and fierce in the pursuit of their own version of perfection. And that becomes their “sexy”.

That’s why Sexy-Strong Premier Nutrition has taken from years of experience, studying hundreds of female athletes, and formulated the nutritional tools to help you achieve your goals more easily. You will have to work, yes, but you’ll have a quicker, easier time doing it using the tools we’ve had created specifically for the Female Athlete.

Sexy-Strong™ Premier Nutrition for the Female Athlete, was designed to help active females in 3 focused areas. The precision Sexy-Strong™ Sports Nutrition products work together to help you do 3 things:

  • Support Lean, Shapely Muscle
  • Melt Body Fat
  • Control Hunger & Decrease Fatigue, and Increase Athletic Performance

These 3 focus areas can help women of all activity levels improve not only their athletic performance, but the quality of their health, appearance and their life! Come on, ladies – let’s get moving! Be strong – be Sexy-Strong!

“It’s a mindset, an attitude…a way of life. Inspiring others by living with purpose-drive, discipline, conviction. Being Strong is Beautifully Sexy.”