Adrienne “Spicy” Ochoa Dodobara,  NPC bikini’s rising star, shines brighter than ever a she heads to Southern CA for her next bikini competition.  

Selected as one of our first sponsored athletes, national bikini competitor and fitness model, Adrienne “Spicy” Ochoa Dodobara was introduced as one of NPC Bikini’s Rising Stars. Now, not much more than a year later and on the rise ever since, Adrienne is just a week away from her first Southern Cali NPC show, where we expect to see her take the stage at the Gold Coast Muscle Classic, shining brighter than ever. Holding several top ten placings at national level shows and a recent 6th at the NPC Championships last November, she is more fierce and determined than ever to achieve that goal of earning her IFBB Pro card. A winning presentation in LA next weekend will bring her just one step closer, re-qualifying her to compete yet once again at the national level. However, it is more than just a beautiful figure and gorgeous smile that places this “Spicy” Latina at the top. Relying on her strong work ethic, passion for health and fitness, and genuine desire to inspire others, Adrienne exemplifies what it means to be Sexy-Strong, and we wish her the best!

Learn more about the star athlete from our recent interview as she prepares for the Gold Coast Muscle Classic:

Adrienne - 003

 When and how did you begin training for bikini competitions?

I started training 2 years ago. My lifestyle has always included being active and eating healthy, being that I am constantly challenging myself and working toward new goals, it was only natural that I take my fitness journey to the  next level.

What motivates you to compete?

Competing has helped me discover my dreams and aspirations. One of my goals is to earn my IFBB Pro card and compete at the Olympia. I am determined to reach my goals and I will! I look forward to my workouts and the intense training that being a competitor requires. I love lifting heavy and feeling strong!

What are some of your long-term goals?

I want to inspire others and help them to appreciate their bodies and treat their bodies properly. Competing has helped me to appreciate my own body and be happier with myself and really know who I am.  I want to help others achieve this and someday be able to have my own seminars, bootcamps, and workshops.

How do you feel about your upcoming show in LA, the Gold Coast Muscle Classic?

It is my first time competing at a regional show in Southern Cali, so I am looking forward to the trip. Most likely I’ll do a photo shoot, and I’m excited to meet up with Pete and Meriza and the rest of the Sexy-Strong team.

Have you made any changes in your prep for this show as far as training, nutrition, etc.?

This has most definitely been the longest time that I have been in pre-contest mode. Since I just competed in November at the National’s in Miami and didn’t take much time to break from the training and nutrition, it has been almost a year non-stop of really clean eating and lifting heavy to really shape my muscles.

Adrienne 6

Following such a strict diet for that long, do you have any cheat meals or major cravings?

There are cheat meals planned in my nutrition program, but it is somewhat easy for me to follow the diet and ignore cravings. I have always been very good about eating all my meals and sticking to the program. Anybody who knows me though, knows how much I love chocolate-chip cookies…which I’ll be treating myself with after the contest!

How do you maintain such discipline?

I think because I am so focused on my goals. I wouldn’t want to sacrifice all my success and hard work simply for a moment of indulgence. The goals that I’ve set for myself are so important to me, and they are realistic and possible to achieve if I follow the game plan. Also, I have been very fortunate to have an extremely supportive group of family and friends.

Competing on stage where judgment is quite subjective, how do you keep thoughts of doubt from deterring you?

Just really knowing myself and shaping my body to what pleases me. I am the one that has to live with it everyday, so I need to be happy with how I look and be confident in myself.

What advice can you share with women looking to taking their fitness to the next level and want to compete?

Keep your circle of support really tight and close. There are so many people that might try to get involved with what you are doing who might not necessarily have your best intentions in mind. Don’t be distracted by certain trends and what you hear, stay focused on your goals and those that support you, day in and day out.

Why the nickname “Spicy”?

Because I’m a spicy Latina, of course! It is my signature name…

“Spicy” refuses to be mistaken for a dainty bikini girl who simply relies on luck, good genetics, and knowing the right people. Considering herself a bad-ass athlete, she knows what it means to put in the hard work, sweat, and tears to achieve her goals and inspire others while doing it… just one of the many things that make her Sexy-Strong.


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