We’re proud of the hard-work demonstrated by Ashriel Osgood – our first Featured Athlete, showing us that focused effort brings good things!


When and how did you begin training?
And what got you to compete?

I started training 2 years ago. In the beginning I worked out to be in shape. I was not a fan of the straight body look and wanted to achieve a more shapely, fit figure. I began competing because it gave me a goal for my training.

What are your goals in fitness, and competing?

Of course, to stay healthy and to teach my son and those around me that fitness can be fun! Staying in shape doesn’t have to be a chore, and eating in a healthy way is a lifestyle.

Do you have competitive aspirations?

Yes, I competed in the NPC Western contest last month in Phoenix. I qualified to compete at the NPC USA’s this year, so I’m going to go for it! My goal is to turn pro someday. I realize that there are alot of talented girls out there. But, I know that hard work and focus has helped me change my body already. I’ve learned that with hard work, dedication and focus, anything is possible!

What motivates you to keep on going?

Looking better than my husband, haha just kidding. Seeing progress pictures and better results pushes me to work through the tough times, when I don’t feel like coming into the gym to workout or feel like straying from my diet.

What is your current weekly workout routine?

» Monday: Legs and glutes
» Tuesday: Back and Bi’s
» Wednesday: Shoulders and Tri’s
» Thursday: Cardio day
» Friday: Hamstrings and Calves
» For cardio, I run 30 minutes a day, 7 days a week.

What is your daily diet like?

I eat six small meals a day. They are usually comprised of chicken or fish with vegetables or a sweet potato. I am very strict with my diet and am good about staying on track.

What is your favorite cheat? And how do you deal with it?

I love chocolate! If I am craving chocolate, I chew a piece of gum or drink a bunch of water. You just have to fight it!


What exercises do you like to do the most?

I enjoy working my arms, I think, the most. I also like working lower body. Even though it’s hard, training glutes and hamstrings is the most rewarding for me, because the payoff for hard work is a tight booty!

What is your favorite physical feature?

I’d say either my butt or my legs.

What is your most troubling feature?

My abs are probably the most difficult body part for me to keep in shape.

Do you take any supplements?

Yes, I take fish oil every day, along with a pre-workout drink and the new Sexy-Strong POWER protein (both flavors are the bomb!). I also take CLA, which helps me with fat burning.

What are three tips you have for any woman trying to get in shape?

Be dedicated, Eat right and Have a goal. staying focused on your goal, and working hard to achieve it, makes all the difference!

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