Stats & Info

Age: 22

Off-Season: 122
Contest: 113

Height: 5’4

Current Residency: San Diego, CA

Years Competing: 1

Favorite Exercise:

Contest History:

  • 2015 NPC USA Championships – Bikini Class C 6th
  • 2014 Border States – Bikini Class C 1st
  • 2014 Tournament of Champions – Bikini Class B Overall 1st

Professional Info:

  • Currently working on BA in Nutrition


I was born and raised in San Diego and have absolutely no desire to ever leave.  My parents have always promoted an active lifestyle so I was constantly enrolled in sports or other extra curricular activities.  I started on the swim team for about 5 years, dabbled in tap, ballet and gymnastics,  played soccer for 6 years, volleyball 1 year, and lacrosse for 4 years. My passion for lifting started about 3 years ago after being challenged to enter a Tough Mudder, then realized squats could also make my booty bigger!   I tried my hand in competing because it was something new, a challenge I had never faced before. I fell in love with the process and watching my body change piece by piece, while also becoming psychologically stronger and more disciplined.

I am currently working on a BA in Nutrition and plan to work with today’s youth to prevent the vast rise in obesity diabetes rates that have skyrocketed over the last couple decades.  I want to promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that people and children can enjoy.

My other hobbies including hiking, cooking, drawing, food sculpting, snowboarding, and riding motorcycles. I love trying new things and seeking adventures. I hope my journey will motivate others to reach outside their own comfort zone to find their own niche.