The DO’s & DON’Ts to avoiding those post show blues like a pro!

Asked and Answered by IFBB Pro Bikini Jacquelyn Geringer

Jacquelyn Geringer Avoid Post Show Blues

Appreciate the Journey…
Execute the Process…
Be Grateful for the Results…

This sport is such an emotional sport! I cannot tell you how many times I wanted to quit, had doubts, and experienced mental and physical breakdowns. So I totally get it when you give your prep 150%, feel like you look amazing, execute your posing, and then don’t get the call-out or placement that you expected or imagined…. Gosh, my heart just drops writing that – because I totally understand the feeling!

Decision to Play, Responsibility to Improve

Here’s the thing guys, you cannot allow your placement/s to define who you are or give you the opportunity to play the blame game and point fingers at your coach or judges for not placing as well as you wanted. No one forced you to join this sport and no one forced you to prep for a show – you made the decision! So, own up to it and take the responsibilities for what you may need to do to improve yourself as an athlete, and mainly as a person.

Competing in the bodybuilding industry you will be among many competitors, and you never know who will be showing up to compete in the show you have chosen to compete in. So, control what you can control: your prep and how hard you work. Do NOT worry about what you can’t control: the judges and your competition. It’s as simple as that guys!

Control what you can control and let go of what you can’t!

To avoid those post show blues or at least keep them under control, you may find the following tips helpful, which are a few of the DOs and DON’Ts that I’ve learned from my own experiences as a successful bikini competitor.


  1. Being upset is ok, you are in a competition so being upset is ok. It is how you handle your reaction after the actions that will determine the type of athlete you want to be or people to perceive you as. DO take your time to feel sad, upset, or express your emotions to friends and family. It is a healthy way to express yourself.
  2. Before getting crazy, causing drama, and jumping on social media to express how upset you are DO step back and take a breath. Sometimes it is best to remove yourself from the situation to calm down and take a breath. This will give you the chance to get yourself together and not do anything that I promise you will regret.
  3. DO take your emotions out of it. This is very difficult, like I mentioned earlier this is a very emotional sport. But once you learn how to take emotions out of things you will be able to see many situations a lot clearer. You will also be able to truly reflect and make those improvements that you may need to make if you are open to improving your physique or/and performance.
  4. DO talk to the judges and find out how you can improve your physique to get a better placement in your next competition. They are there to help you so don’t be shy and ask them questions.
  5. DO thank and appreciate everyone who has helped you get to this point.
  6. Unless you have decided to do back to back shows, I DO suggest taking at least one week off to rest your body and to reset your mind.
  7. If you decide to do another show, DO focus on what you need to improve on and KILL your next prep!


  1. DON’T make a scene! If you didn’t place or didn’t receive a placement that you wanted DON’T walk off stage angry or ungrateful for such an amazing opportunity. Own your placement and move forward from it!
  2. DON’T jump on social media and start bashing your coaches, the judges, the promoters or whomever you want to blame! This is a great way to get the wrong attention and burn bridges that you may not want to burn.
  3. DON’T make excuses! Sometimes you did everything you could do in your prep and it just wasn’t your time; except it and move forward. Fuel for the fire!
  4. DON’T give up! If you have a goal in mind try again. Reflect on your prep/experience, learn from it and move forward.
  5. DON’T eat everything in sight, I know this is a tough one but believe me you will regret it! Especially if you are planning on doing another show!

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