“I was never a competitive person, but I just want to prove the judges wrong, is that weird?”

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If you haven’t read my first blog I’ll give you a short introduction. I am Jacquelyn Geringer, currently sponsored under Sexy-Strong, and I recently earned my IFBB Pro card in Bikini this year, 2016.

The sport of BodyBuilding

I want to take this time and share a little insight about the sport of “Body” “Building.” Yes, I know it’s one word, but I want to break it down and separate the word. In our sport, we are building the body – it’s not “instant body built” or press a filter button and you’re in shape! There is no FILTER BUTTON in reality, so if you’re living in that fantasy world, step for a second and truly understand that anything that has to be built needs to start from the ground up… and if you want a strong foundation, you need to understand that building anything will take time! So, building your body will take time!

What can’t we control?

Ok, so we can’t control the cards we are dealt with in life, some are dealt with a stronger hand and some a little weaker, but with each hand there is potential to create strategy. So sitting around wishing, and hating on those who are doing what you envision yourself doing isn’t going to get you where you want to go. If you are in this mental space then I suggest you sit down, reflect on what you feel like might have went wrong in your prep or whatever you’re dealing with, take a piece a paper and write down strategies that will help you get where you want to be. I am a firm believer of writing things down on a daily basis, this way you can visually see your goals and strategies, set them in motion and then cross them off when you have accomplished them, and now you feel productive!

jacquelyn geringer pro debut

Jacquelyn’s Pro Debut – 2016 IFBB Pro Pacific USA

What we can control!

We can control the amount of effort we put into things, in this case I refer to prep and getting ready for a show. It would be so nice if we could just eat, train, sleep, & repeat!! ! God Bless you if that is your reality, but it isn’t mine…lol But, I control the amount of time that I spend in the gym, how hard I want to push in this session, in the next session or in this prep. I control if I will stay on diet plan and complete my cardio for the week, despite being tired because of my life situations.

The one thing you can control is the amount of effort you decide to dedicate to your prep to achieve that final result, only you can control that, and that is why self-assessment is so important, to be able to see yourself in a clear light not through social media because that isn’t reality, your day in and day out is reality. Ask yourself, did you push yourself to the limits? And you know what, sometimes you truly did everything you could have done and the end result was still different from what you imagined, but I promise you this, If you gave it everything you got winning won’t even matter! When I did Nationals in Miami in 2015, I pushed myself beyond my limits and looked incredible, did I turn Pro? no…lol I placed 8th, but I grew so much as a person in that prep and in that show that it didn’t even matter to me.

If you want to do well in this sport it needs to be a priority, maybe not the top of your list but it better be in that top three!

Setting Expectations

You can’t expect everything from the sport of bodybuilding, this is a sport that you will give yourself to and it may or may not give anything back to you! If you are working hard for the reward and only the reward, then it can be like one-sided relationship! And we all know how that feels, it’s freaking frustrating! You have to understand this and accept it for what it is or don’t get involved!

My advice is to take it day by day, focus on the minor details! If you don’t master the minor details you will never get to the bigger picture. Success has a different meaning to everyone, but I will tell you that success has no date on it, it has no time on it, but what it does have is hard work, dedication, and persistence.

So no it’s not about proving anyone one wrong, it’s about reflecting, self-assessing and growing from within. You break it down like this, your foundation will be strong, with a strong foundation you will always be able to rebuild when that foundation cracks or falls.

I am IFBB Bikini Pro Jacquelyn Geringer, sponsored by Sexy-Strong. If you would like to contact me,  please feel free to email me @vixenfit808@gmail.com and don’t forget to use my special promo code “vixen” for your 25% discount on any purchase at www.sexy-strong.com.

“Always to inspire, Never to Impress.”

Jacquelyn Geringer

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