6 Tips to Get Your Bikini-Ready Body by Summertime!

6 tips to bikini ready

1. Increase metabolism by improving muscle tone. Be sure to incorporate resistance training in addition to cardio into your exercise program. Effective programs include circuits, total body or upper body/lower body programs, which you can find under Training/Exercises.

2. Avoid simple sugars. These sugars can cause fluctuations in energy, induce greater cravings, and also facilitate fat storage. Choose instead, small portions of low-glycemic, “complex” carbohydrates, such as small servings of oats, whole grains or a combination of grains, rice and greens.

3. Increase the proportion of your total daily calories that come from lean protein foods. Lean, clean proteins help support lean tissue, the metabolically “active” tissue; proteins also help support immune function, and help with tissue repair and regeneration – and help keep a youthful vigor to the body! Supplements like Sexy-Strong™ POWER and Sexy-Strong™ FUEL provide key proteins and amino acids that can help by supporting metabolism, muscle tone and energy.

4. Keep dietary fats to under 20% of total calorie intake. Choose a greater portion of “healthy”, unsaturated fats from fish oils, avocados or nuts. But, don’t let your “fat-foods” contribute to increased calories over your baseline.

5. Be consistent! Your body is a machine. Use your cardio/resistance training and activities of daily living to burn calories, and use food to fuel a portion of your day. But, if you’re careful, you can run your body in a very mild “energy deficit” by monitoring calories in vs calories out. If you find that your weight loss is stagnating, make simple changes to your activity or your food intake, and you’ll soon find you’re back on track, on the way to your own version of perfect!

6. Supplement wisely. Key herbal ingredients have been shown to help with fat loss. Natural ingredients such as Green Coffee Bean, Green Tea Extract and Raspberry Ketones have been shown to help support metabolism and contribute to weight loss. Our new Sexy-Strong™ BURN contains all 3 of these fat-fighting ingredients, in amounts that may significantly impact weight loss.

It’s not easy, but it is entirely possible! Please stay tuned for more info – coming soon!