“Sometimes you feel like your dreams are lost or too far for you to grasp, but if you just open your eyes a little wider to get a better view, you’ll see that dream is sitting right in front of you…:”

As I began my prep for 2016 I constantly told myself; “if I don’t turn Pro this year, I am done with competing.” Who know’s if there would have been any truth to that, but by saying this I set a limitation on myself, a doubt in my mind, and a boundary! Who needs that type of pressure? Who the hell was I competing against? and who the hell was I trying to impress?

Until you change your mindset you will not move forward, you will not grow, you will not truly achieve!

With each show this year I grew, with each show I improved, with each show I stayed observant and made sure I was going into a show as a complete athlete. When you take out the pressure, expectations, and limitations you have so much more freedom!

I prepped for 7 months before my first show in 2016; I took first in my class and earned my Pro card at Team Universe.

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I then decided to get my feet wet at Muscle Contest Pacific USA’s and did my first Pro show, here is where I realized how different being at the Pro level was compared to being at the National Level.


“Redefining Sexy” with sponsor Sexy-Strong at her pro debut!

How do you go from winning your class to barely making top 10 in your next competition? it was a hard mental hit for me; not going to lie I felt like I let everyone down and got a little depressed. This is when I told myself, I need a week off to reflect and reset my mind. Asking myself “why this” or “why that” was not going to get my anywhere, so I stopped! I knew that if I was to step on stage again this year, I would sure I brought a stronger package to the stage. Listen to the corrections/advice that the judges have to say to you, study your performance and make sure your looking at yourself as a whole! Presentation, posing, diet, cardio, rest, and workouts need to be on point; there are no substitutions when it comes to putting in the work!

Taking 2nd place at the 2016 Ferrigno Legacy Championships!

Very proud to say that I did all these things, I did a hard self assessment and made all the improvements from my last show to my second Pro show. I earned the second place spot at The Ferrigno Legacy held in Palm Springs California.

When you know you did everything you were suppose to do during your prep and you came in as complete as possible you will never have regrets!

I left my heart on that stage and radiated the passion and respect I have for this sport of bodybuilding on that stage!

I am very proud of my performance and grateful to end my 2016 season on such a high note!

Please stay tuned for my up coming season in 2017 as I strive to earn a spot on that Olympia stage.
Trust…Achieve…and Conquer!

I am IFBB Bikini Pro Jacquelyn Geringer and this is my Sexy-Strong Blog. Please stay tuned for my up coming season in 2017 as I strive to earn a spot on that Olympia stage.
Trust…Achieve…and Conquer!

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“Always to inspire, Never to Impress.”

Jacquelyn Geringer

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