Sexy-Strong® sponsored athlete IFBB Pro Bikini Jacquelyn Geringer staying strong as she brings another amazing package to the stage at the 2017 Omaha IFBB Pro Bikini Championships!

Sexy-Strong® wishes the best to Jacquelyn as she continues her journey towards her own version of perfection as a successful bikini competitor and fitness inspiration. Recently competing at the IFBB Omaha Pro Wings of Strength, she earned second call outs to take 9th place – but with a presentation more stunning and stronger than ever! This was only 3 months after her first pro show of year, the 2017 FitWorld Championships, where Jacquelyn shined on stage as sexy as ever in a purple glistening bikini (pictured below).

She has her eyes on the prize of earning a spot to compete at the Olympia contest, and with consistent top pro-level performances and unwavering dedication, Jacquelyn shows us what it means to bring her Sexy-Strong®!

We look forward to seeing her grace the stage at her next competition and wish her the best of luck! Jacquelyn competes this weekend in Sin City at Musclecontest’s 2017 IFBB Patriot’s Pro Bikini Championships in Las Vegas!

You can also catch sight of the bikini beauty later this summer in Las Vegas at the 2017 NPC USA Bodybuilding Championships. She will be representing at the Sexy-Strong® trade show boot, so stop by to get a chance to meet her and the rest of the ladies of Team Sexy-Strong®!

Learn more about Jacquelyn’s journey as she writes and shares it all in her own athlete blog
Asked & Answered by Jacquelyn Geringer