*NEW* Sexy-Strong POWER

*NEW* Sexy-Strong® POWER Whey Protein Isolate

*NEW* Sexy-Strong POWER


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    Advanced Whey Isolate & Myogenic Protein

    Sexy-Strong® POWER

    contains the purest, highest-quality form of whey protein available – instantized, premium-grade Whey Protein Isolate. NO BLENDS OR INFERIOR SOURCES OF PROTEIN!! Sexy-Strong® POWER contains no sugars and just one gram of fat, and unlike other brands of protein supplements, it does not contain low-quality protein concentrates or inferior sources of protein.

    Sexy-Strong® POWER premium Whey Protein Isolate is manufactured using cutting-edge, proprietary cross-flow, microfiltration technology. This process results in an extremely pure, fast-absorbing, easy-mixing protein product, rich in BCAAs and Essential Amino Acids, perfectly dosed to support the nutritional needs of the hard-training female athlete, protecting lean, shapely muscle, supporting the immune system, promoting recovery and powering athletic performance!

    High-Protein, Fast and Easy!

    To get a fitter, leaner, strong body, you need protein. Protein supports lean tissue, feeds strength, increases metabolism, and gives your body lean, clean energy. Sexy-Strong® POWER provides 24 grams of the highest quality protein available, in an easy-mixing, fast-absorbing and great-tasting shake in a single serving. Each scoop provides more protein than 6 egg whites, 3.5 oz of chicken breast, or a cup of Yogurt…with just one gram of fat and NO SUGAR!

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    Suggested Use:

    Active, hard-working athletes should consume at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight each day, to support lean and shapely muscle, boost metabolism, and bolster the immune system. For best results, consume a combination of lean, protein-rich foods and high-quality protein supplements, such as Sexy-Strong® POWER, spread evenly over several small meals throughout the day. Sexy-Strong® POWER is ultra-fast absorbing, making it perfect for use first thing in the morning, and immediately following resistance- training or cardio sessions. Women take 1 or 2 scoops per day.


    Sexy-Strong® POWER is instantized. This means it’s super-soluble, and can be mixed in a blender, shaken in your shaker bottle, or even mixed with a spoon. Mix each scoop of in 6-8oz of cold water for thoroughly delicious, light, easy-to-drink protein-rich POWERFUL shake.

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