Meriza’s Lower Body Bootie Blaster!

Here you go, ladies! Lower body work, PART 2 of the Sexy-Strong™ Figure Athlete “Strong” Shaping Protocol! Give it a try to shape a stronger, more shapely lower half!

Weekly schedule:

Weekly Schedule
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Cardio (as Instructed) Cardio Cardio Cardio (as Instructed) Cardio Rest Completely
Heavy Delts (see Part 1) Leg Circuit (see below) / abs Heavy Back (see Part 1) Leg Circuit Only Heavy Delts Leg Circuit
Light Back (assisted pull-ups – 7 sets x 15 reps, 30 seconds of rest in between each set) Light Delts (strict machine shoulder presses – 7 sets x 15 reps, 30 seconds rest betwn sets) Light Back (same as     Day 1)

Explanation of Exercises:

Day 2, Day 4, and Day 6 – Leg Circuit:

Giant Set – 5 exercises, 4 rounds of the following circuit:

(choose weights that allow you to perform each of the exercises with strict form, for the prescribed rep range. The weights below are suggestions only)

A. Vertical Press or High Foot-Placement Leg Press – (wide stance, place feet high on foot plate, in front of pelvis – this targets glutes/hamstrings, and inner thighs –think of plie position)

  1. 90lbs x 25 reps
  2. 135lbs x 25 reps
  3. 180lbs x 20 reps
  4. 225lbs x 15 reps

B. Leg Press – close foot placement, approx 6 inches apart feet placed in center of foot plate – use full range of motion, be sure to break below 90 degrees) targets frontal thighs, glutes/hamstrings

  1. 90lbs x 30 reps
  2. 135lbs x 30 reps
  3. 180lbs x 25 reps
  4. 225lbs x 20 reps

C. Stiff Leg Dead Lift (feet wider than shoulder width “sumo style”)

  1. bar + 10lbs per side x 25 reps
  2. bar + 20lbs per side x 20 reps
  3. bar + 30lbs per side x 15 reps
  4. bar + 30lbs per side x 15 reps

D. Hamstring Curls, Lying

  1. 30lbs x 25 reps
  2. 40lbs x 20 reps
  3. 50lbs x 15 reps
  4. 50lbs x 15 reps

E. Leg Extensions (choose a weight that will allow you to fatigue at 13-15 reps) Toes pointing straight up, toward ceiling:

  1. 15 reps
  2. 15 reps
  3. 15 reps
  4. 15 reps

Perform each exercise consecutively, one after the other, A, B, C, D, E 1 set of each. After completing this Giant Set, rest for 1 minute, then repeat. Then rest for 1 minute, drink water, repeat. Perform this Giant Set 4 times. This is the Leg Circuit.

Give this challenging Leg Circuit a try for complete lower body tightening and toning! See what you think!