The Holiday Season might be the most wonderful time of the year, but that doesn’t mean that it has to do the most damage to your Sexy-Strong figure. Staying healthy through the hustle and bustle of the holidays and with its festive treats and tempting goodies can have you saying Bah Humbug when you are trying to stay true to your fitness program, but it does not have to be that way! Follow a few tips shared from the experts of Sexy-Strong to maintain your fit and lean while still spreading some holiday cheer!

1. You Supply the Healthy Options
If you’re going to a party, bring the healthy option. There’s plenty of sugar free, low fat dessert options that everyone will love, and you can indulge on a guilt free treat!

2. Protein and Salad Before Carbs
For any holiday meals follow this general rule: eat your protein, salad, and then one carbohydrate of your choice. Most of the time after eating protein and salad, you are too full to indulge with more carbs.

3. Eat ALL Your Meals
Continue to eat your meals on regular schedule and whatever you do, do NOT starve yourself all day because you want to eat a big holiday meal – it is a sabotage! Most people don’t realize that starving all day so that they can indulge at one big meal will slow down metabolism and the holiday meal surely stays until 2016!

4. Morning Workouts
Workout in the morning so that you’ll be more inclined to eat healthier options throughout the day, and your metabolism will be elevated.

5. Leave the Treats!
Don’t bring home the leftover treats! They will be tempting to overindulge on so eliminating the option beats willpower every time. Practice abstinence.

6. Save Them for the Road
If you just can’t resist the treats and are the type where one bite of a holiday treat all of a sudden turns into 12 desserts, wait until you are about to leave the the party to sample. Grab two or three for the road so that you are not snacking throughout the whole party.

7. Continue to Meal Prep and Train Through the Holiday’s…
No explanation needed!

8. Find a Balance
There has to be a balance, so make sure you enjoy Holiday meal’s with family and friends…

9. Set Goals
Set a few goals for over the holidays and write them down. Every time you accomplish one, replace it with another – “physically visualize your goals, mentally envision them, then set them in motion!”

10. Have a Plan
It’s easy to fall off track if you don’t have a guideline in place. Know where you’ll be going and what they’ll be having. If you already know there will be a ton of pies there it will be easier to prepare yourself or limit yourself rather than just showing up blind and being filled with temptations.

11. A Little Self-Control
If all else fails, at least just practice a little self-control. If you really have to have “donuts for breakfast” because its “TRADITION”, don’t eat six donuts – have two max if you really love donuts!

12. No Excuses!
Don’t let the holidays be an excuse. If you’re a true athlete it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. You do what you need to do to reach your goals regardless of the time.