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New IFBB Pro Bikini Shantal BArros
Congratulations to the new IFBB Pro Bikini Shantal Barros !
Aug 4, 2017

Sexy-Strong® Shantal Barros, turns IFBB Pro Bikini at the USA Bodybuilding Championships! Sexy-Strong® is proud to announce and congratulate Shantal Barros…

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rock the stage at the usas
The Ladies of Sexy-Strong® Ready to Rock the Stage at the USA’s
Jul 27, 2017

Ready to the rock the stage this weekend the ladies of Team Sexy-Strong® head to Sin City for Musclecontest’s 2017 NPC…

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Jacquelyn Geringer Staying Strong
Jacquelyn Geringer Staying Strong & Getting Stronger!
Jun 29, 2017

Sexy-Strong® sponsored athlete IFBB Pro Bikini Jacquelyn Geringer staying strong as she brings another amazing package to the stage at the…

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protein for building muscle
Protein – Building Muscle and More
Dec 20, 2016

Got Protein? It Does a Body Good Protein is so much more than a food, a fad, or a supplement. Many…

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bodybuilding jacquelyn geringer blog
BodyBuilding a Foundation for Success
Oct 13, 2016

“I was never a competitive person, but I just want to prove the judges wrong, is that weird?” If you haven’t…

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Changed for the Good? Competing in the NPC Bikini
Sep 8, 2016

Asked and Answered by IFBB Pro Bikini Jacquelyn Geringer Sexy-Strong sponsored athlete Jacquelyn shares her views and experiences on the popular…

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New IFBB Pro Jacquelyn Geringer Re-signs with Sexy-Strong
Aug 30, 2016

Sponsored Athlete IFBB Pro Jacquelyn Geringer Sexy-Strong™ is proud to announce the re-signing of sponsored athlete IFBB Pro Jacquelyn Geringer. Jacquelyn…

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