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You vs. You – What Motivates You?
Jul 7, 2017

What Are the Underlying Reasons Why You Do What You Do? Asked and Answered by IFBB Pro Bikini Jacquelyn Geringer

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BodyBuilding a Foundation for Success
Oct 13, 2016

“I was never a competitive person, but I just want to prove the judges wrong, is that weird?” If you haven’t…

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Adrienne “Spicy” Ochoa Dodobara
Feb 6, 2015

Adrienne “Spicy” Ochoa Dodobara,  NPC bikini’s rising star, shines brighter than ever a she heads to Southern CA for her next…

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The Best Personal Trainer
Aug 24, 2013

How do you know if you have the best personal trainer for you? Sexy-Strong™ Athlete, Francine Sablan IFBB Pro, Certified Personal…

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