Sexy-Strong™ athlete Francine Sablan with her best personal trainer

How do you know if you have the best personal trainer for you? Sexy-Strong™ Athlete, Francine Sablan IFBB Pro, Certified Personal Trainer and Prep Coach, answers with a few tips on selecting and ensuring that you have the right person to help reveal your Sexy-Strong™.

The fitness industry has been booming for the last few years. Consumers have been bombarded with the latest and greatest diets, exercise videos, gadgets, supplements, and even so called fitness “gurus”. But the first step for many is to join a gym. There you find yourself surrounded by foreign equipment, some that may look like torture devises (depending on how you look at it, they very well may be). Flustered and confused on where to start, you make the choice to hire a professional personal trainer; someone who can teach you the way, and get you to your goal, whether it is to lose weight, feel healthy, or simply because your doctor prescribed it. A personal trainer can be a very useful resource to help take out the guess work when it comes to fitness. Not only will a personal trainer teach you how to properly exercise, he or she can help you build your confidence in the gym and help you reach your goal in the safest and most effective way possible.

As a personal trainer myself, and having worked with a few, here are a few pointers to help you determine if your current or future personal trainer is a good one:

Make sure that your personal trainer is certified.
This is the first step, and a very important one because you want to make sure that they have gone through the necessary courses to educate themselves not only on exercises, nutrition, and anatomy, but also to ensure the safety of their clients. With the proper education to back them up, these personal trainers will be looking out for your best interest.

Get get some feedback.
Talk to current or past clients of the personal trainer, or their superiors and coworkers. Get their take on the kind of person they are. A personal trainer’s reputation says a lot about their work ethics. The last thing you want is to be waiting for your early training session…wondering why your trainer is late, or if they had altogether forgotten about your appointment. Make sure that the person you are depending on is reliable.

A good personal trainer is passionate.
Find someone who truly loves their job, they love to talk, live, learn, and take part in fitness. These are the personal trainers that want to help others, and get a kick out of seeing others succeed. They do not let their egos get in the way and they are ecstatic to show off their client’s progress. Sit with them and pick their brain. Ask them why they got into fitness, how it has affected them, and how they can help you. After all you are the one doing the hiring so why not have an interview?

You must be able to believe them.
In other words, your trainer should look the part and live by example. How could you have faith in someone when they themselves are overweight or out of shape? A good trainer practices what they preach and shows others that they live the lifestyle. They can relate to what you are experiencing and is a prime example of what being fit and healthy means. I might be stating the obvious here, but I’m sure you have seen the trainer who seems to have no care of their appearance or of their health. It doesn’t matter if they throw out fancy terminology here and there to impress you. Bottom line is if they can’t do it… how can they expect you to?

A good personal trainer continues to challenge you.
After a few months of hard work you may be delightfully surprised at your progress. You become stronger, tighter, and more energetic. As you progress, so must your workouts. It is the job of your personal trainer to continue to push you to higher limits even if your original goal has been met. Progression should never end, so set your sights higher and a good trainer will continue to help take you to the next level.

There are so many benefits that come when working with a personal trainer and hiring one should be looked at as an investment on you. The best personal trainer will teach you things that can be applied for the rest of your life and these tips will help you to find yours. However, if you’re not feeling confident about who you’ve hired as your personal trainer, make sure to check out my profile page and hit me up! ☺ You know you can count on me to bring out the Sexy-Strong™ in you!

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